Technology Advisory

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Blockchain & Web 3

Blockchain technology promises to make fundamental changes to the way we as a human race interact with technology. The advent of Meta and www3 which is based on blockchain promises to lead a paradigm shift. Metaverse is soon becoming a reality and can revolutionise the very existence of the internet. While web2 is the internet of information, web3 is the internet of value. Our team can help with every aspect of this technology from conceptualisation till implementation.

Cognitive Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the mainstay and bedrock of modern-day Digital Transformation. While the Cloud infrastructure is available from many providers, managing the infrastructure becomes a challenge for clients. From migration of non-native application to the management and monitoring of operations and cloud cost escalations are areas of grave concern for most clients. We have the expertise to solve these problems right from consulting to implementation of cognitive platforms based on Cloud Automation to help clients manage their core infrastructure smoothly.

Data Platforms

The way Data is handled has gone through a sea change in the recent years. It is still an evolving field but there is already an emerged leader in the space in Snowflake. However, entities are still in the process of realising the asset value of Data and the most appropriate and optimised way of holding and handling the data. Our team has the expertise in implementing boutique Data platforms for clients and help them unlock the value of the real asset in Data.

Data Science & Machine Learning

It has been the decade of Machine Learning and there is no aspect of business or life which has not got impacted by these algorithms. There is no industry segment which has not benefitted from the promise of Machine Learning. Our team has been at the forefront of Machine Learning for more than two decades and have deep skills in helping all our clients with it.