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Growth Hackers

The experienced team has a very successful track record of leading many businesses to achieve very high revenues. The team has the expertise to decode the ingredients and the instruments of growth and then then apply them judiciously while monitoring the results for any possible course correction. A process and a mechanism that is tried and well tested over many years.

Help Start-up companies grow revenue

Often the growth phase of start-up companies is chaotic and laden with streaks of hyper activity. This leads to a loss of management control and a complete drain on management bandwidth. This often leads to lack of governance which later raises its head during due diligence audits. The expert team is in a position to guide the early-stage company to achieve its plans and maintain the most stable course while doing so.

Help mid-sized IT companies transform and grow

Mid-sized IT Services companies are often lost in their positioning in the very competitive market. Hence, they either lose revenue and market share or lose profitability and fiscal health. In either of the cases, they are on a perpetual journey towards irrelevance. Our team is able to guide them to course correct and transform themselves to become relevant in the marketplace. This puts them back on a profitable growth path with predictable cashflows.

Marketing & Communication

Marketing and Communication forms a very important aspect of any enterprise and its ability to connect with its broader eco-system. We have experienced marketers who can take the message out and communicate effectively through multiple channels and get the highest return on such investments.